The Procedure

What is the procedure ?

Nothing can stop the aging process and aging of the people also can’t stop and inevitable. But you can have youthful face longer than the normal peoples. Over the time, the skin on your face begins to loosen or be sagging. Its cause from various reasons such as heredity, personal habits, the pull of gravity, and sun exposure contribute to the aging of the face. Including crow’s feet appear at the corner of your eyes, forehead, your cheek line, around your mouth and then, gradually, deeper folds. Some peoples choose to have Botox injection, its can help but it doesn’t last long effect.

That’s the reasons why the peoples seeking for the permanent result of the surgery and Mid face lift or Cheek lift or Rhytidectomy is the best answer to improve visible signs of aging in the face (it may can start from forehead, mid face or until your neck). A mid-face lift procedure can get rid of the wrinkles or the sagging skin on the cheek and surrounding, providing fullness to the eyes and cheeks – leading to a refreshed, rejuvenated look and moving sagging tissues in the mid face back to their original positions. This approach gives a more youthful appearance to the cheekbones and reduces the laugh lines around the mouth. And due to the skin goes through much change as we get older, Cells divide slower. The dermis, or lower layer of skin, gets thinner. It is comprised of several different types of tissue, including elastin and collagen. Elastin gives the skin its elasticity, and collagen keeps the skin taut. Eventually both of these proteins begin to break down, causing the skin to loosen. The loss of elasticity makes the skin and underlying tissue more susceptible to the effects of gravity. Instead of springing back when pulled, the skin sags. Additionally, the muscle and tissue composition under the skin changes, leading to wrinkles.

The Method

How the procedure is performed ?

The procedure will start with marking the excess area on the face want to be removed. Then, the surgeon will apply the general Anastasia to make you sleep and make an incision which is start in the temple area and circles around the front of your ears and ends in the lower scalp. The muscle and tissue underneath is tightened and fat may be sculpted or redistributed from the face and the loose skin will be tighten and removed. After the surgeon remove the excess fat cells and skin from your surface. And after that, the skin will be secured with permanent sutures or a special type of permanent adhesive glue and the small tube will be inserted into the surgery area to drain any liquids or bloods from inside the face to reduce the risk of blood clots problem. And normally, for a mid-face lift, the surgeon will recommend to have face lift combine with other procedures such as Liposuction on neck and jaw for the best hominy of your face.

What type of Anastasia is necessary for the procedure ?

General Anastasia

How will the incision look like ?

Typically, a mid-facelift incision often begins in the hairline at the temples, continues around the ear and ends in the lower scalp which is generally measure about 1.5 inches in length.They will be hidden in the hair (your hair will not be cut or shaved) above your ears, with two far smaller incisions higher up in the hair-bearing scalp.

Ideal Candidates

Is this procedure suitable for the candidate ?

  • The candidate of mid face lift can be both of man and woman, but must be in good health.
  • The age is turning to mid-thirties
  • The peoples who don’t happy with the face appearance with the sagging skin and wrinkling and want to improve it
  • The people who want to make the face more youthful,firmer and smoother
  • The people who want to restore the width of the face caused of the fat falling down to the jowls
  • The people who have a problems with the sagging or droopy skin on the middle part of the face because of the effect of the gravity pull the fat down displaced from the cheek area
  • The peoples with the wrinkling on the face,especially between the eyes and upper lip
  • The peoples with the deep line below the lower eyelids and along the nose extending to the corner of the mouth
  • The people with the hollows beneath the eyes (and eye bags) is also allowed to have mid face lift
  • The peoples who lose the muscle tone in the lower face may create jowls or loose skin which cans leads to be sagging skin on the face
  • The peoples who have the fatty deposits under the chin and jaw can make even a person of normal weight appear to have a double chin
  • The people with the stable mentality and be patient to wait for the final result of the surgery which maybe take for a several months without any depresses

What are the results the candidate can expect ?

  • The result of the surgery is immediately visible and permanent
  • The peoples looks younger and youthful
  • Removing the wrinkles and the lined skin around the eyes , below the nose and around the lips
  • Removing the excess skin or “The sagging skin” from the face which cause of effects of aging and gravity to a great extent
  • The face looks more shape because the fat underneath the skin is removed
  • The face skin looks smoother and firmer
  • The result of the surgery is immediately visible
  • Get back the self-confident again
  • The face is dramatic changed from a mid-face surgery, more natural beautiful
  • More happy with the new face
  • At the beginning after the surgery, your face may looks “Over corrected”, but over the time the cheek settles into a natural position


Length of stay at the hospital and in Thailand

1-2 nights in the hospital, recommends 12-14 days in Thailand

Pre-operative care

  • Before the surgery can happen, you need to have a consultation with the surgeon consultation with the surgeon and inform them all information about your medical problem, your allergies,medical you are taking and including your expected result to see that it’s realistic to do or not
  • You have an opportunity to ask them anything before you undergo the surgery. Some surgeons can show you the before and pictures of the clients who did the surgery with them only if you would like to see
  • You will be asked to stop taking Aspirin, ibuprofen, and products containing aspirin and ibuprofen including anti-inflammatory medication, high dosing any multivitamins/herbal remedies/teas etc. before and surgery for 2 weeks, this may inhibit blood clotting and cause bleeding problems during and after surgery
  • Stop drinking alcohol or smoking before and after the surgery 2 weeks, that’s effect to delay wound healing. This is very important for the peoples who would like to undergo the major the surgery which will be operated under general Anastasia
  • Some surgeons will recommend you to take multivitamin supplements which is including Vitamin A and C, this can help relieve swelling after surgery. But however, this must be the approval of your surgeon only
  • And if you color your hair, you may choose to do so at least a week prior to your surgery. You should avoid hair dyes for several weeks after the procedure, depending on your type of surgery, in order to maximize safe healing afterwards
  • And due to the patients who undergo Face lift surgery will have the scars behind the ears. So, for the peoples with the short hair or the open the ears hair styles can change the hair style which can cover the incision for your self-confidence
  • Due to you have to stay over nigh in the hospital , prepare the thing what is needed for you during recovery stay in the hospital

On the surgery date

  • And on the surgery date, you should stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the surgery.
  • Take a bath and wash your hair for prevention getting infection wear the loose cloths or confortable for you, (because after a surgery, you maybe not confortable to do it for a few days) but without applying the lotion and cream on the body including no makeup
  • Take out all accessories, such as earring and also remove the nail polish before getting the operation room
  • Wear the loose cloths or comfortable, If possible take the shirt with the button in front.
  • Sleep well before the surgery
  • Make a physical checking up to be sure that you have the normal level of your blood pressure or any disease come up which can’t undergo the surgery or not

Post-operative care

  • After the surgery, the doctor may temporarily place a small, thin drainage tube under the skin behind the ear to drain any blood that might collect there. Your head will be wrapped loosely in bandages to reduce bruising and swelling and you have to stay in the hospital to be sure that you are safe before discharge the hospital.
  • And the good position to sleep after the surgery is sleeping with head of the bed elevated, no bending, lifting or straining or use two to three pillows for one week after surgery
  • It’s very common symptoms after the surgery for your swelling, bruising, skin discoloration, tenderness, and numbness which will be better and fade away over the time within at least 2 weeks
  • The painkiller pill and antibiotics medication is recommended if the pain is extremely and for preventing to get infection during the healing process and continue taking them until they are all gone
  • And also you can take Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that helps promote healing, for two weeks following surgery
  • Keep your incision dry except for clearing which you can do with a Q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide and then applying the antibiotic ointment (polysporin/bacitracin) twice a day is an essential part of the healing process and prevention infection. You can take a bath after the surgery, but don’t get your incisions/hair wet.
  • And 2 weeks after the surgery, you have to go back to see the surgeon again for follow up checking and remove the suture.
  • If you would like to wash your hair , you can do it after the operation time around 8 hours but avoid using the hot hair dryer
  • And you can start make up 2-3 days after the surgery, this is not concerning the healing of the wound. But do not massage your cheek or push is a downward direction, the suture under your skin can be bothered with this
  • Some surgeons will advise you to wear the compression garment to support the operated area and reduce the swelling and bruising which can make you back to use the normal like faster
  • During the recovery time, you may have the fluid from the incision. Just avoid wearing the uncomforted shirt especially on the neck area.
  • And since the scars will be hidden in the hairline. So, the surgeon will recommend you to avoid fading the sunshine at least 6 months after the surgery or you must put the sunscreen with a skin- protection factor (SPF) all the time when you go out to prevent pigmentation of incision line. And also, after the surgery, the incision maybe very dried. You can apply the moisturizer, oil cream or the vitamin E can help
  • Hair loss along the incision, this can happen either because the surgeon cut the hair in that area to make an incision or the hair loss after the surgery because the surgeon pull the scalp too tight. But it will continue regrow
  • But some surgeons will recommend you to use the medical compression garment after cheek implant surgery. This garment can help you about the healing process, minimal swelling, improving blood circulation, providing support and comfort to surgical areas, and by flushing the body out of potentially harmful fluids. But not every surgeon in Thailand will advise this
  • Avoid extreme activities or strenuous sport at least 3 weeks because of the rising high blood ,this can cause of bleeding inside your cheek

What are the possible risks and complications involved?

Common symptoms

After the surgery, you may feel strong pain, swelling and bruising, confortable or much stretched numbness and burning on the surgery area. And all these will fade away over the time in a few weeks


The symptoms of infection from face lift include increased redness, swelling and strong pains. But typically the surgeons will let you take the antibiotics pill both of before and after the surgery to help minimize any risks of infection ,so it’s rare, but possible to happen. And the infection or inframation will be typically treated by draining any excess fluids and/or with antibiotics.

Bleeding underneath the skin

If you can feel more oozing than expected including swelling or pressure. You may have the blood collects underneath the skin. You should go back to see your surgeon immediately. The surgeon will insert the tube to removes this blood. Typically, excess bleeding or a hematoma will not impact the result of the facelift.

Nerve Damage

It is the normal if you feel numbness around your neck and ears after the surgery. Normally it will be 6 months long last as maximum. But the bigger concern for this symptoms is the nerve that supply the muscles of the face on the face are damaged because the facial nerve was injured during the course of the procedure. And the effects are include you are unable to move one side or your lips as well as the other and also this can cause paralysis or spasm in the face, but the effects are usually temporary .Unless the facial nerve branch is severed during the facelift procedure, this may be permanent .

Tightness feeling

In the beginning after the surgery, you may feel tightness may cause of the swelling and it will go away in the several days when the face is settled. But in case the skin on your face is tightly pulled as we known “wind-tunnel” looks. This is not normal symptom because it can make the face unnatural and results from removing too much skin. And it’s very difficult to correct.