The Procedure

What is the procedure ?

Newsday, when the peoples look in the mirror most focus on the size and shape of their noses, ears or including the wrinkles of the skin. And the chin is one of the importance points of the face. The people with the strong chin can make you feel younger, healthier and more attractive and also will enhance their overall facial appearance. So, it’s reason why most of the people both of male and female want to improve the face appearance with the balanced chin.

Augment the chin volume can be done with 2 methods, injecting derma filler to the chin, but the result is not long last , the patients need to redo in every 4-6 months and chin augmentation with silicone implant , the most requested procedure for the patients. Chin augmentation is very common facial plastic surgery which can make your face more balance, especially in the peoples with “weak chin” or short chin. The surgeon will insert implant which made of synthetic material that feels much like natural tissue normally found in the chin, is available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. And they are designed to improve or augment the physical structure of your face. In additional, chin augmentation can be combined with cheek augmentations, nose augmentations or even facelift to achieve facial balance.

The Method

How the procedure is performed ?

The procedure will start with applying the local Anastasia on the patient to prevent the painful during the operation. And the surgeon will make an incision either under the chin or inside the mouth (where the gum and lower lip meet). By gently stretching this tissue, the surgeon will make a small incision inside your mouth and make a small pocket where an implant can be inserted in to make the chin looks longer. And the implant is usually attached to the bone with sutures or screws. And after the surgery, the surgeon will close the incision with the suture. And put the plaster over the incision at the end of the procedure. In some surgeon, they can use the absorb suture to close your information. The patient don’t need to go back to remove the suture at the hospital. This is more conformable for the patients who have less recovery time.

What type of Anastasia is necessary for the procedure ?

Local Anastasia 

How will the incision look like ?

If the incision is placed inside the mouth, it will be invisible. But if the incision is placed under the chin, the incision will become across minimal, 3-5 mm of the length. But it will fade away over the time.

Ideal Candidates

Is this procedure suitable for the candidate ?

  • The candidate for chin implant can be both of male and female but must be in the good health, no serious medical problems which can’t have a surgery
  • The people with the normal dental bite
  • The people with the weak chin (short chin) also very small chin and want to improve it
  • The people who understand the expect result of the surgery that chin implant is improvement, not perfection
  • The people with the accident attacked on the chin and want to fix it 
  • The people who series to have another procedure and the surgeon recommend you to have chin implant combining such as nose augmentation due to the facial profile can be balanced by extending the chin in relation to the nose
  • The people with without any emotional problems and stable emotions with the recovery period, due to it will take a several months to see the final result. Otherwise, they have risk to have post-operative depression
  • The patients should not use the Accutane (the anti-acne pill) for the last six months before surgery

What are the results the candidate can expect ?

  • The result of the surgery is immediately visible and permanent 
  • The structure of your face will looks more harmony and balanced
  • The face looks natural beautiful 
  • The face looks more youthful 
  • The size and the shape of the chin will be improved in the way you wish 
  • Improving your self-image 
  • The shape of the chin has a remarkable influence on the overall appearance of the face and neck
  • Improving the shape of the chin can have positive effects on other areas that you might not anticipate
  • Enhance the fortune on the face for some personal believers


Length of stay at the hospital and in Thailand

Out-patient, recommends 7 days in Thailand

Pre-operative care

  • Before the surgery can happen, you need to have a consultation with the surgeon and inform them all information about your medical problem, your allergies, medication you are taking at the moment. 
  • If you know that you have problems with your blood pressure, your heart, or your lungs, asks your family doctor to check that these are under control
  • It is wise to gather as much information as possible so that you make a fully informed decision prior to the surgery
  • Make an examination on by x-ray scan to find out what part of the chin to operate on (under the chin or inside your mouth)
  • The surgeon will ask you for the expected result of your surgery, how higher of the nose bridge you desire. Because the surgeon need to provide the silicone implant which can fit to your nose structure in order to give you the same amount of the nose bridge volume as you requested for
  • If you are having a combination of plastic surgery procedures, the surgeon will explain you about this and the surgery will take longer recovery time. You can make a decision to do it or not
  • You will be asked to stop taking Aspirin, ibuprofen, and products containing aspirin and ibuprofen including anti-inflammatory medication, high dosing any multivitamins/herbal remedies/teas etc before and surgery for 2 weeks, this may inhibit blood clotting and cause bleeding problems during and after surgery
  • Stop drinking alcohol or smoking before and after the surgery 2 weeks, that’s effect to delay wound healing 

On the surgery date

  • Take a bath and wash your hair wash your hair and clean inside your ears with the cotton bud. But do not apply the lotion and cream on the body including no makeup
  • Take out all accessories, such as earring and also remove the nail polish before getting the operation room
  • Wear the loose cloths or comfortable, If possible take the shirt with the button in front
  • Sleep well before the surgery
  • Make a physical checking up to be sure that you have the normal level of your blood pressure or any disease come up which can’t undergo the surgery or not

Post-operative care

  • After the surgery, the small splint will be placed over your chin to support the new shape of chin
  • The surgeon will recommend you to lay down on your back with the high pillow (in the possible of the head higher than the chest) to reduce the swollen and bruising from the operation 
  • Don’t chewing the strong food after the surgery, just water and soft food is allowed
  • If you still have strong pains, the painkiller pill and antibiotics medication is recommended if the pain is extremely and for preventing to get infection during the healing process and continue taking them until they are all gone.
  • You may be asked to wear a brace (support bandage) while you are sleeping for 4 – 6 weeks
  • But be careful not to take the aspirin or some combination procure may contain aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that increase bleeding
  • And cool pack, frozen peas is required to apply on your nose. This can reduce the swelling and stop bleeding (especially, the first few days is recommended to keep cool pack on your surgery area all the time) and including vitamin A and C is also can help
  • During this time, its very importance to keep you wound dry and clean. You can clean your face with the wet towel but if you really want to take a shower to wash your face, you can do it with gently and dry it up as soon as possible. And clean your chin with the sterile water and change the bandage as often as possible to prevent growing up of bacteria 
  • Don’t worry if there is some bleeding or oozing from the incision, that’s normal and will resolve within 2 days.
  • About 7 days after the surgery, you have to come back to see the surgeon again for follow up checking to be sure that the incision go well, no side-effect or complication 
  • During the recovery time, the incision can be itching , try to not scratch it. Apply the moisturizer, oily lotion on the nose are recommended
  • Avoid extreme activities or strenuous sport at least 3 weeks because of the rising high blood bending over or lifting heavy things or any activities which risk knocking your nose 
  • Don’t move your chin from side to side by your fingers including due to the implant is not attached well to your chin bone yet 
  • Be careful to the children and pet that can attack your nose and it may move suddenly and also can cause of bleeding inside your nose 
  • The chin skin after chin implant is very sensitive to the sun. It is important to wear strong sunscreen and a hat for at least six months

What are the possible risks and complications involved?

The normal symptoms

After the surgery, you maybe can feel stretched ,uncomfortable, pain, swelling, bruising or numbness on your chin. But it’s just for temporary and will go away over the time.


Since chin implant can be performed with the incision inside the mouth and under the chin either. But wherever the incision is, you will be given the antibiotic pill both of before and after the surgery to prevent getting infection. But if it is still occurs which you can notice from high fever, painful and the heat surrounding the wound, the redness including bleeding or oozing from the wound and etc. This you should go back to see the surgeon as soon as possible. The worse , the chin silicone implant will be removed until the infection can be treated and controlled , then can revision the surgery again

Blood clots

This is rare complication, But it’s possibly happen either. The people who have high risk to have this problems are such as the woman who taking the birth control pill, the people with the high age (over 40 years old) , the people with the heart problems. This is can prevent before the surgery happen by declaring your medical report to your surgeon and they can consider and advise you in the correct way.

The nerves are injured

Normally, after the surgery, you may feel sensation or numbness because of the swelling and it’s supposed to go away in a few months. But if over than 6 moths, the sensation or numbness still exits and don’t go away, you should go back to see the surgeon. This symthoms can be the sigh of nerve injured.

The silicone moving

The implant might move which can be the cause of Long term effect of chin implant such as extrusion, palpability and bone erosion. This you have to go back to meet the surgeon again to find the way for chin implant revision.

The teeth roots is damaged

The procedure can damage the teeth roots, or other changes in feeling to the skin and including unevenness of the face numbness but it is very rare