Face surgery

Full Face Lift

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Mid Face lift

All the woman and some men wish to keep youthful face with them as long as they can. But that can’t be forever due to when the time passes over and higher aging , the face appearance will be changed , the skin  will become losing down or sagging , many creases and lines is appear on the face such as at the end of the eyes , the corners of the mouth , the forehead across lines and etc.  All of these problems can be improved by mid face lift procedure and will concentrate in the middle are of the face as specially to give you back the youthful face again.  Read more

Forehead Lift

The forehead is upper part of the face where can get the wrinkling or frown lines easily when you show the emotion.  And especially, when get older of the age, the skin will lose more elasticity and become sagging. And Forehead lift procedure  is the best option if you want to get back the youthful appearance or make the skin on the forehead ( can be following until the end area of each side of the eye) get firmer again , this can be included the forehead area following until the end of each side of the eye.  Read more

Neck Lift

Turkey wattle neck is the feature of the neck with the sagging skin and loose of the muscle which make the skin on the neck become sagging. Neck lift procedure is the procedure to remove the excess skin on the neck and tighten the skin on the neck. This will make the peoples look more youthful because the neck is outside the cloths area and easy visible area.  Read more

Upper Eyelid Surgery

The upper eyes with the excess skin covered look tired and older than the real age in both of the man and woman. The most of them looks for the procedure for the treatment to remove this excess skin from the upper eyelid to get back the fresh eye and face again and Upper eyelid surgery is the answer. The surgeon will remove the excess or droopy skin from your upper eyelid and the scars will be made on the upper eyelid crease which is less visible.  Read more

Lower Eyelid Surgery

If you are disturbed by the baggy eye or the bag under the eyes will make you have the tired face, look sleepy all the time, lower eyelid surgery is the best way to solve this problem. The surgeon will remove the bags under your eyes and the incision will be made inside your lower eyelid which is completely invisible. It is an easy and safe procedure to give you back the youthful look again.  Read more

Nose Augmentations (Nose Implant)

Mostly of Asian peoples (both of man and woman) have the small flat nose which is difference from the western peoples who have big and high nose. That’s the reason why Nose augmentation or we know as Nose implant or nose job is the most popular plastic surgery for Asian peoples. Nose implant is the procedure to make the nose bridge higher by inserting the silicone implant or the cartilage (the soft bone from behind the ears or from the rib) in to the nose which can make the face look more balance and look natural beautiful.  Read more

Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping is the procedure which is one of the most requested procedures of the western peoples. Due to the most of them have too high nose bridge and not straight or in some case also can have the hump (the small bone come out from the middle of the nose bridge).  So, Nose Reshaping is a surgical treatment procedure that is specifically performed on the nose for the purpose of increasing or increasing its size and giving it a shape that blends well with your other facial features.  Read more


Nose is the most prominent feature located in the middle of the face of the human. So, If the nose is doesn’t looks match with the rest of the face, it’s can be noticed very easy. So, the procedure correction the nose becomes more popular in the moment. Alarplasty is the one type of nose surgery to correct the alar base of the nose in the people with the wide and flaring nose or those who feel that the nose looks too big, make it looks more match with the nasal structure and the whole face either.  Read more

Tipoplasty (Tip Rhinoplasty)

Nose is the important part of the face or the focus point on the face. So, everybody wish to have the beautiful symmetry nose, looks balanced to the rest of the face. That’s the main reason why now, the cosmetic surgery about correction the nose structure becomes more popular. And for the part of the nose where the people would like to correct or improve the most are the nose bridge, the alar base of the nose and the nose tip as we know “Tipoplasty” which can support the other parts of the nose structure to become the perfect nose appearance.  Read more

Chin Augmentation (Chin Implant)

A well-defined chin helps give balance to the face and creates a major part of one’s profile. But in the people with the round chin or the short chin, it can be improved with the medical advances, Chin augmentation procedure or we know as “Chin Implant”. The surgeon will insert the small piece of silicone implant into your chin to adjust the size of the chin, make it more longer or bigger, it’s depend on the expected result of each client. But this will make the patients have more sharp facial structure and look more balanced.  Read more

Cheek Augmentation (Cheek Implant)

In the people with very narrow cheek volume can make the face looks tired and sad or even looks older than the real age. So, Cheek implant procedure is the procedure to dramatic change the shape or the width of the cheek. The procedure can add contrast to a long, narrow or to an overly round face which will make the face looks youthfulness and beauty.  The incision will be made inside the mouth, no visible scars occur on the face and the result is long last.  Read more

Cheek Bone Reduction

Cheek bone reduction procedure is the procedure to reduce the volume of the cheekbone to become symmetry with the rest of the face, make the face looks softer beautiful and sweet as the real female. Due to in the people with very high cheekbone, big or even wide cheekbone make the face feature look strong as the man.  This procedure is suitable for both of the real woman with the high or big cheekbone and wants to improve it and the transgender who would like to have the feminization face to before undergo sex change surgery.  Read more

Jaw Line Reduction

All the people wish to have the asymmetry face both in man and woman. But unfortunately, in some people was born with imperfect face appearance and need to be improved. But one part of the face which can effect to all the rest of the face is jaw line angle. If you have this part very wide (compare to the upper part of the face). Your face will look like “triangle or square shape” which will make your face look strong as a male. Jaw reduction procedure and contour your face to be more curve at the corner of the face, the face looks softer and balanced.  Read more

Dimple Creation

Dimple is the abnormal working of the cheek muscle which occurs with the people since their birth. When the peoples speak, the cheek will be pulled down and become dimpled and this make their face looks sweeter and more beautiful.  So, the peoples without the dimple try to create the dimple which can make one side of both sides of the cheek.  The procedure is safe and the result can be long last.  Read more

Lip Reduction

The face with some asymmetry points appeared can make the whole face look unbalanced. And the lips are one obviously visible parts of the face. If you have too big lip which doesn’t look match with the rest of your face, this can be improved with the minor plastic surgery procedure, Lip Reduction. This procedure will make your lips smaller which can be performed both upper and lower lips. Just correction the small flaws on the face can change your face appearance to be better, look naturally beautiful lips.  So, no reasons to refuse to be more beautiful.  Read more

Buccal Fat Removal

The feature of the face with chubby cheek seems adorable when you are a child. But not the same when you become adult. Because this will make your face looks fat which is caused of the fat tissue inside your mouth (under your cheekbone) with the size of the fat is similar the Ping-Pong ball. That’s why it can make the size of your cheek looks big or width. To improve this problems, “Buccal fat removal procedure” is the best answer to make the face look more shape and beautiful.  Read more

Adam’s apple shaving

Adam’s apple is the thyroid cartilage which is visible come out from the middle of the neck. Some people misunderstand that only the male that can have Adam’s apple. But actually, female also have an Adam’s apple but just smaller than the male. That’s the reason why the male have the voice tone lower than the woman.  So, the people with very big thyroid cartilage at the middle may consider “Adam’s apple shaving procedure” which is mostly in the transgender patients who would like to reduce the size of Adam’s apple to be similar to the real woman.  Read more