The Procedure

What is the procedure ?

For the women, the breasts are an essential part of their self-image and sexual self-confidence. So, most of the woman wish to have the firm symmetry beautiful breasts. But unfortunately the women with high age, the breast stop developed and skin elasticity diminishes or even after breast feeding, weight gain and loss, aging and gravity can cause breast to sag. These reasons can leads to the sagging breasts, not firming looks as before. So, a lot of peoples seeking for the way to get back the firm beautiful breasts and breast lift procedure is very common way for them that can restore firmness and shape to the bosom and bring back the perkier, more vibrant breasts, the excess or the sagging skin will be removed and the breast will be tighten up in the same times including the position of the nipple can be moved to get the symmetry nipple with the newly shaped breast.  Moreover, the people with the big areola also can benefit in this procedure, the surgeon also can improve this problem for them in the same times .

Breast lift is the procedure can be performed in 2 kinds of the patient:

  1. The patients who want to have only a firmer breasts, to remove the excess skin and tissue to lift and reshape the breasts in addition to making them smaller and lighter.
  2. The people who want to have both of firmer breasts and also bigger breasts (perky breast), to remove the excess skin and the breast will be lifted up and the implants are be inserted into the breasts in the same times.

The Method

How the procedure is performed?

The procedure will be start with applying the Anastasia on the patient to make them sleep during the surgery and the surgeon will start to make an incision. For the breast lift procedure can be divided in 3 techniques, it will depend on the surgeon’s opinion and the anatomy shape of each person.  And the extent of your scarring will depend on the incision pattern used during your lift.

  1. Inverted T mastopexy (anchor or keyhole incision)

    This technique is the classic technique for breast lifting and the most often used for the patients with severe laxity breasts and nipples that have dropped significantly.  But resulting in the most noticeable scarring (the same technique for bready reduction). The surgeon will make an incision around the areola and vertical following down to the breast fold for maximal removal of skin and shaping of the breast. In addition to skin removal and tightening, the deep layer of breast tissue may be sutured together to shape the breast as well.  The surgeon will close the incision with the suture and put the elastic gauze over the incision and in the last step will insert the small tube into each breast to drain up the liquid from inside the breasts.

  2. Doughnut mastopexy (Benelli lift or periareolar lift)

    This technique is much less scars than the first technique (anchor breast lift).  Because the incision will be limited only at the junction of the pigmented areola and normal breast skin. The surgeon will make an incision around the areola to remove a piece of the skin surrounding and the skin will be reattached to create a lifted look with minimal scarring.  The surgeon will close the incision with the suture and put the elastic gauze over the incision and in the last step will insert the small tube into each breast to drain up the liquid from inside the breasts.  This technique will achieves good results in breasts with mild laxity. It is often combined with a breast implant for best results.

  3. Vertical mastopexy

    This technique has a similar lollipop shape. The will begin to make an incision around the areola and then vertically down the breast scar breast that results from a standard breast lift. The excess skin will be removed and the breast will be lifted up. The surgeon will close the incision with the suture and put the elastic gauze over the incision and in the last step will insert the small tube into each breast to drain up the liquid from inside the breasts. This technique is suitable for the breasts with moderate laxity and reasonable skin quality. It relies on some skin take up to assist with supporting the breast.

What type of Anastasia is necessary for the procedure ?

General Anastasia

How will the incision look like ?

Since Breast lift procedure can be performed with 3 techniques and in each technic has the different shape of the incision which is include lollipop shape (the incision is around the areola and continue down to the breasts) ,Anchor or Keyhole shape (the incision will around your areola and continue following down to the breast fold), Doughnut shape (2 circle incisions placed inside the other).

Ideal Candidates

Is this procedure suitable for the candidate ?

  • The candidate for the surgery must be in a good health and no diseases or serious medical conditions which can’t undergo the major surgery
  • The age should be over than 18 years old , when the breasts already stopped developing
  • The people with large and sagging or loosing breasts which may cause of Pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain and loss and also the gravity and want to improves it.
  • The people with the stretched breasts  which may cause of breast feeding  and want to make it firmer
  • The peoples who lost the shape and volume of the breasts and become flatter.
  • The people with the physical discomfort because of the loosen breasts including can’t find the bra that fit with the size of the breast easily.
  • The people who want to have  firmer and bigger  breasts ( breast lift with implant )
  • The people who already get breast augmentation and the weight of implant make the skin  sagging down and want to lift it up
  • The people who has one of the breasts falls lower than the other which cause of the original size of the breast are different
  • The people with the nipples and areolas point downward and have a stretched out of proportion to your breasts also can be improved combining the breast lift procedure.
  • The people who want to get back the youthful shape and  sexy breast appearance Should be the one who don’t plan to have children anymore, because after the next pregnant can change the shape and the size of the breast again.
  • The people who understand about the scars after the surgery and will accepting.

What are the results the candidate can expect ?

  • The immediately result visible
  • The better shaped , youthful and firmer breast
  • The firmer and bigger breasts ( Breast lift with implant )
  • Get back the self-confident back , can wear all the dresses you want but can’t do it before because of the unfirmed shape of the body
  • You can have all activities  more comfortable when your breast is firmer and you can move your body better

But however, over time, your breast can continue changing due to aging and gravity.  So, the result of your surgery will be long lasting, you have to take care of yourself by maintaining your weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle.


Length of stay at the hospital and in Thailand

  • 1-2 days in the hospital and recommends 10-14 days in Thailand.

Pre-operative care

  • Before the surgery can happen,  you need to have a consultation with the surgeon  consultation with the surgeon and inform them all information about  your medical problem , your allergies , medical you are taking and including  your  expected result  to see that it’s realistic to do or not .
  • Inform them about the expected result of the surgery you are seeking for to see it’s realistic to make it happen or not and the surgeon will explain the specific details, technique to be used, where the operation will be performed and what realistically can accomplish and also give you instructions for preparing that will help lower your risk of complications.
  • In some surgeon can show you the picture of the previous case to you and clarify all detail about the procedure, the complication and side-effect, the incision or scars and etc.
  • You will be asked to stop taking Aspirin, ibuprofen, and products containing aspirin and ibuprofen including anti-inflammatories medication, high dosing any multivitamins/herbal remedies/teas etc.  before and surgery for 2 weeks ,  This may inhibit blood clotting and cause bleeding problems during and after surgery
  • Some surgeons will recommend you to take multivitamin supplements which are including Vitamin A and C; this can help relieve swelling after surgery. But however, this must be the approval of your surgeon only.
  • Stop drinking alcohol or smoking before and after the surgery 2 weeks, this can result in prolonged wound healing, skin loss, infection, increased scarring. This is very important for the peoples who would like to undergo the major.
  • If you have over weight, the surgeon may recommend you to change the life style, control the weight, and regularly exercise.  You have to follow the surgeon’s recommendation  to archives the best result of the surgery and minimize the chance of complications
  • You should try to stool by drinking the prune juice and take them away because after the surgery, you may be taking pain medications which can cause constipation.
  • Try to drink water as much as you can, because hydration is very important both of before and after the surgery for safe recovery.

On the surgery date

  • And on the surgery date, you should stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the surgery.
  • Take a bath and wash your hair wash your hair (because after a surgery, you maybe not confortable to do it for a few days) but without applying the lotion and cream on the body including no makeup
  • Take out all accessories, such as earring and also remove the nail polish before getting the operation room
  • Wear the loos cloths or the comfortable, especially on below part of your body.
  • Make a physical checking up to be sure that you have the normal level of your blood pressure or any disease come up which can’t undergo the surgery or not.

Post-operative care

  • When you wake up from Anastasia, you will have the small tubes (can be 1 or 2 tubes) inserted to your each breast to drain out the fluid from your body.  And the surgeon will take it out 1 -2 days after the surgery.
  • And besides the tube on your breast , you will be wrapped with the elastic bandage to reduce bruising and swelling and you have to stay in the hospital to be sure that you are safe before discharge the hospital.
  • You will experience pain, Swelling and bruising including discomfort, tenderness, and numbness feeling, but it will go away within one month.
  • The surgeon will recommend you to sleep with head of the bed elevated, no bending, lifting or straining or use two to three pillows for one week after surgery to reduce swelling and bruising
  • The painkiller pill and antibiotics medication is recommended if the pain is extremely and for preventing to get infection during the healing process and continue taking them until they are all gone.
  • You can take Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that helps promote healing, for two weeks following surgery.
  • But some surgeons will recommend you to use the medical compression garment breast lift. This garment can help you about the healing process, minimal swelling, improving blood circulation, providing support and comfort to surgical areas, and by flushing the bodies out of potentially harmful fluids which can make you go back to the normal life sooner.
  • The cool pack is also recommended to reduce the swelling and bruising, apply on your surgery area (but not directly which  your skin can be injured) especially in the week.
  • Do not stay on the bed all the time, Start walking as soon as possible after the surgery  to prevent  bleed clots  in the legs even you feel uncomfortable have soreness. But this will help the soreness go away sooner.
  • You may need to sleep on your back for several weeks  to avoid disturbing the wound and incision Keep your incision clean and dry, clean your wound with hydrogen peroxide and then applying the antibiotic ointment (polysporin/bacitracin) twice a day is an essential part of the healing process and prevention infection.
  • It’s common if there are bleeding or oozing come out from the wound during this time which will go sway in a few days , just use the button to clean it
  • Avoid taking a bath in the first week after the surgery. If possible, you should take a bath after the suture is removed. 7 days after the surgery, you have to go back to see the surgeon again for post –operative checking up and remove the suture.
  • Do not swim in the pool for 4-6 weeks, it’s very risky to get injection from the public pool during the recovery time. Avoid extreme activities or strenuous sport at least 3 weeks because of the rising high blood. This can cause of bleeding inside your cheek
  • Your incision maybe very dried.  You can apply the moisturizer, oil cream or the vitamin E can help.
  • During the first 6 months , if you have wear the bikini or the suite which  your incision can fade the sunshine, you must put the sunscreen with a skin- protection factor (SPF) all the time when you go out to prevent pigmentation of incision line.

What are the possible risks and complications involved?

Pain and uncomfortable feeling

Normally, after the surgery the patient may feel temporary pains, bruising, swelling, discomfort which we call “Normal symptoms of infection”, but it will go away over the time.  But if it not, you should go back to see the surgeon again as soon as you can to see the cause of the these symptoms.


Typically, before and after the surgery, the surgeon will let you take the oral anti-biotic medicine to prevent getting inflammation or infection from the surgery. But if the infection so serious, it may be can’t be healed with the oral anti-biotic medicine which you can notice from strong pain, redness (especially if it is spreading), swelling or maybe high fever including  many pus oozing come out from the wound and you feel hot inside . This you should go back to see the surgeon again as soon as possible.

Blood clots

After the surgery, the surgeon will recommend you to walk as soon as you can to avoid the blood clots problems that you can notice from the bleeding underneath the skin which can leads to the embolism problems. This you should go back to meet the surgeon, they will use the sharp instrument to take out the blood from under the skin.

Thick, wide, or depressed scars

This is the largest risk for the breast lift patients.  Since the incision of the surgery is quite lone (anchor shaped).  In some peoples with the bad healing process, the incision is turn to be   thick scars and become the wide keloid at the end. However, it’s depending on the type of each person’s skin which you need to have a consultation with the surgeon before to see the risk to become the keloid of your scars.  Some of them need to have some kinds of skin treatment to heal it, or some need to have the scar revision to remove the wide keloid.


At the beginning after the surgery, you may feel numbness or loss of nipple sensation because there was nerve damage done to the nipple during its re-placement or the pocket of space for the implant is being created. Although this does not happen routinely, it can happen no matter how carefully the surgery is performed. If sensory loss occurs, the nerves slowly recover over a period of one to two years in about 85% of the cases.

Asymmetry, poor nipple position

This may occur since when the surgeon removes the different amount of the loosing skin from both side of the breasts and when the skin is pulled, the reposition of the nipple can be unbalance between both sides