Breast augmentations

Augment the volume of the breasts with the silicone implant with the small incision to make the body look curvier. It’s the most popular for both of real woman and transgender patients which can make the people have more self-esteem and be happier with the shaped body. It improves the body proportions and breasts especially in the women which can get more opportunities in life when you have self-confidence. And due to Breast augmentation is a relatively safe and also the recovery time is not required too long.  No wonder, so many women would like to have Breast Augmentation done. Read more

Breast Reduction

Perfect shape is the biggest wish for all women. But for the woman with too big breast can leads to have another physically problems such as back pain, skin irritation (crease area) or can’t wear any trendy clothes including the moving problem of the body. So, Breast reduction is the procedure to improve these problems to make you to have the beautiful symmetry body shape. Read more

Breast Lift

If you have a problem about the sagging breast skin which may cause of the age, gravity, loose and gain weight or especially after the pregnancy, it can be improved with the breast lift procedure which can make you have the firmer breast, looks sexy as you have before again and moreover, this procedure can make the breast looks bigger by inserting the silicone implant into your breast also. Read More

Inverted nipple repair

The Nipples is the one of the important parts of the body both in the cosmetic way and physical way. Having a beautiful nipple with the beautiful breast is the most wish of all the women. And nipple is also important in the physically for the woman who would like have a child and can breastfeeding which all the mothers desire to do it.  And if you have the inverted nipples, you will not able to do this also.  So, Inverted nipple repairing is the best way to correct it. Read more

Areola reduction

An areola is the pigment skin around the nipple which is in the shape of the circle. And the size of areola should be suitable with the nipple and the whole breast. But in the people with asymmetry size or shape of the areola such as the size is too big or too small, the shape is abnormal appearance will be ashamed or less self-esteem with this.  From these concerns, we can improve it with the cosmetic surgery, Areola reduction procedure, the procedure to correct the size or the shape of your areola to become normal appearance, look balance with the breast and your body. Read more