The Procedure

What is the procedure ?

Buttock lift surgery(lipectomy)is one of the oldest procedures to tighten the sagging skin of the buttock which will make your buttock appearance become youthful smoother, more trim looking figure and pleasing body contour. The causes of loosen skin surrounding the buttock are include the gravity only, aging, the effect of losing a large amount of weight or whatever which make the people feel ashamed or self-conscious with themselves. So, the aim of this procedure is improving or removing the excess, sagging buttock and thigh skin that has developed as a result of weight loss, aging and gravity,or genetics. By raising and tightening the skin over the buttocks, a buttock lift makes the buttocks appear less saggy, dimpled or wrinkled. But the disadvantages of this procedure are for some patients with very flat flare buttock (flatten out the buttocks too much). The surgeons will can’t only tighten the buttock. Otherwise, the buttock will become more flat. This procedure may be performed combine with the fat grafting or breast augmentation (with implant)or we call “Buttock lift with augmentation” for the best result of the surgery.  

The Method

How the procedure is performed ?

The surgery will be started with applying the general Anastasia to the patient (make the patient sleep and will make an incision at the or slightly below the waist follows the upper buttock contour or the most often excises an ellipse of skin on the upper portion of the buttocks (within the bikini line). And after the incision in opened, the surgeon will contour the buttock area, a tremendous amount of the skin, hanging loose skin will be trimmed away and fat is detached from the soft tissue and removed during this procedure. This procedure is like performing a tummy tuck in which a long scar is performed to remove the excess tissue but the scar is not a straight line; instead, it follows the superior roundness of the buttocks (Half-moon shape). And the remaining skin is then pulled or tightened to the new position and closed in layers with the sutures and usually given additional the surgical tape and skin adhesive (tissue glue). Dressings or bandages are applied to the incisions, and there may be small tubes temporarily placed under the skin to help drain any excess blood or fluid. Alternatives, due to this procedure are the procedure to improve the appearance of the loos or sagging skin around the buttock. So, it’s often combined with liposuction in order to remove any excess fat for a complete reshaping of the bottom. Or in some cases who don’t want very smooth flat buttock can be performed buttock lift combine to Buttock Augmentation which can be done in the same times.

What type of Anastasia is necessary for the procedure ?

General Anastasia

How will the incision look like ?

The incision will be made across at the lower waists just above the buttock on the back which spanning from hip to hip. The surgeon will pulls up on the excess skin below the incision to lift your buttocks and outer thighs. The extra skin is then removed.

Ideal Candidates

Is this procedure suitable for the candidate?


  • Must be in good health and have no serious medical which can’t undergo the major surgery
  • The peoples with the sagging skin on the buttock or hips area cause of aging or gravity.
  • The people who loss of skin elasticity due to extreme weight loss or after gastric bypass or lap banding procedures done or even after pregnancy
  • The candidate can be between the ages of 18 and 65
  • The people with who try to tighten the loose skin surrounding the buttock with the exercise but doesn’t help
  • The peoples with the flat skin on the buttock , including wrinkled, dimpled skin due to lack of exercise or cellulite
  • The people who feel too much fat on the buttock or hip area and can’t make a movement well
  • The people who need to improve the body appearance and get back the self-confident
  • The propels who need to have the smoother, firmer buttock and look natural
  • The people who wish to have the symmetry shape especially, on the lower part of body
  • Must be able understand about the scars after this procedure and willing to accept

What are the results the candidate can expect?

  • The result of buttock lift is visible almost immediately
  • To improve contours of buttock
  • Make your buttock looks more sleek, more toned appearance
  • Make your buttock looks natural smoother, firmer
  • The body shape looks younger and fit
  • Your buttock look more attractive thigh
  • Remove the excess skin surrounding the buttock
  • Remove the cellulite from the buttock and hip area
  • Can wear beautiful pants again without the over sagging skin on buttock or also can wear bikini without visible scars
  • Better movement after the skin is tighten and firmer and some cellulite is removed
  • The result of the surgery can be long last as far as you still control your weight, make sport as frequently and eat the healthy food


Length of stay at the hospital and in Thailand

1-2 nights in the hospital, recommends 10 days in Thailand

Pre-operative care

  • Before the surgery can happen, you need to have a consultation with the surgeon consultation with the surgeon and inform them all information about your medical problem, your allergies , medical you are taking and including your expected result to see that it’s realistic to do or not . You have an opportunity to ask them anything before you undergo the surgery.
  • Some surgeons can show you the before and pictures of the clients who did the surgery with them only if you would like to see
  • The surgeon will clarify you all detail about the procedure, the complication and risks, and especially the feature of your incision after the surgery
  • You will be asked to stop taking Aspirin, ibuprofen, and products containing aspirin and ibuprofen including anti-inflammatory medication, high dosing any multivitamins/herbal remedies/teas etc. before and surgery for 2 weeks ,this may inhibit blood clotting and cause bleeding problems during and after surgery
  • Some surgeons will recommend you to take multivitamin supplements which are including Vitamin A and C, this can help relieve swelling after surgery. But however, this must be the approval of your surgeon only
  • Stop drinking alcohol or smoking before and after the surgery 2 weeks, that’s effect to delay wound healing. This is very important for the peoples who would like to undergo the major the surgery which will be operated under general Anastasia
  • You should try to stool by drinking the prune juice and take them away because after the surgery, you may be taking pain medications which can cause constipation
  • Shave the hair from your surgery area if you have before the surgery
  • Prepare the bags with your necessary things inside for staying in the hospital

On the surgery date

  • And on the surgery date, you should stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the surgery
  • Take a bath and wash your hair wash your hair (because after a surgery, you maybe not comfortable to do it for a few days) but without applying the lotion and cream on the body including no makeup
  • Take out all accessories, such as earring and also remove the nail polish before getting the operation room
  • Wear the loose cloths or comfortable
  • Make a physical checking up to be sure that you have the normal level of your blood pressure or any disease come up which can’t undergo the surgery or not

Post-operative care

  • When you wake up from Anastasia, you will have the small tubes (can be 1 or 2 tubes) inserted to your body to drain out the fluid from your body. And the surgeon will take it out 1 -2 days after the surgery.
  • You will be wrapped with the elastic bandage to reduce bruising and swelling and you have to stay in the hospital to be sure that you are safe before discharge the hospital
  • You will experience pain, Swelling and bruising including discomfort, tenderness, and numbness feeling, but it will go away within one month
  • The surgeon will recommend you to sleep with head of the bed elevated, no bending, lifting or straining or use two to three pillows for one week after surgery to reduce swelling and bruising
  • The painkiller pill and antibiotics medication is recommended if the pain is extremely and for preventing to get infection during the healing process and continue taking them until they are all gone.
  • You can take Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that helps promote healing, for two weeks following surgery
  • But some surgeons will recommend you to use the medical compression garment after Buttock lift. This garment can help you about the healing process, minimal swelling, improving blood circulation, providing support and comfort to surgical areas, and by flushing the bodies out of potentially harmful fluids which can make you go back to the normal life sooner.
  • Keep your incision clean and dry, clean your wound with hydrogen peroxide and then applying the antibiotic ointment (polysporin/bacitracin) twice a day is an essential part of the healing process and prevention infection.
  • And during the recovery time, you may not sit or lay on your back side for 2 weeks but the discomfort feeling still exists in the several months, sleeping on your stomach instead.
  • Do not stay on the bed all day ,try to walk as possible as you can after the surgery in order to prevent the blood clots after the surgery
  • It’s common if there are bleeding or oozing come out from the wound during this time which will go sway in a few days, just use the button to clean it
  • Avoid taking a bath in the first week after the surgery. If possible, you should take a bath after the suture is removed
  • About 7 days after the surgery, you have to return back to meet the surgeon again for post-operative checking up and remove the suture
  • Do not swim in the pool for 4-6 weeks, it’s very risky to get injection from the public pool during the recovery time.
  • Avoid extreme activities or strenuous sport at least 3 weeks because of the rising high blood. This can cause of bleeding inside your cheek
  • Your incision maybe very dried. You can apply the moisturizer, oil cream or the vitamin E can help
  • During the first 6 months , if you have wear the bikini or the suite which your incision can fade the sunshine, you must put the sunscreen with a skin- protection factor (SPF) all the time when you go out to prevent pigmentation of incision line

What are the possible risks and complications involved?

The common symptoms

After the surgery, you may feel strong pain around the surgery area, feel swelling and bruising including numbness, stretched around the incision. But they will go away over the time, just keep following the surgeon’s recommendation for the post-operative care

Blood clots

This is quite serious side –effect after the surgery, a blood clot can travel to your lungs, heart or brain and cause a pulmonary embolism, heart attack, or stroke. This is the reason why the surgeon recommends you to start moving yourself or walk as possible as you can after the surgery even you feel uncomforted in the beginning.


Normally, bleeding after the surgery in common symptom after the surgery, unless you have the excessive bleeding or have an accumulation of the blood under the skin. This will be treated urgently during the surgery. But the way to avoid this occur is stop taking the aspirin or any medication to thin your bloods including stop smoking both of before and after the surgery for at least 2 weeks


Normally, both of before and after the surgery, the surgeon will let you take the anti-biotic medicine to prevent getting infection during the surgery. But in some case with the deeper infections ,it can’t be treated with this, Or maybe because you don’t clean your wound well, or eat the food with high acidly. You will feel strong pain or have the redness surrounding your wound, feel the heat inside the wound some case can be combined with the high flu. This you need to go back to see the surgeon for getting the correct healing treatment.

Unfavorable scarring

Poor healing, the scars become red, dark pink or purple in color which will take up to a year or longer to completely fade away. But if the scars are clearly visible and don’t go away. It’s mean the process of healing is not normal can cause of the smoking, the type of the skin. This may necessitate a second operation. This can be solved with the revision the surgery to remove the scars

Asymmetric or flattened buttocks

This can happen from the mistake of the surgeon’s operation, less experience in the career, they pull up the loose skin from the both side of buttock in the different volume. That can lead the different side of the buttock. This can be solves by revision the surgery