The Procedure

What is the procedure ?

Augment the buttock is the procedure to make the body look curvier from behind view which can be performed with 2 methods, Brazilian butt lift (augment the buttock with the own fat of the body) or butt implants. But mostly of the surgeon prefer to advise the patient to augment the buttock with the material silicone implant because it’s the permanent result of the surgery. Due to if you have Brazilian butt lift procedure, the fat will be absorbed in the body and you need to redo in every 4-6 months.

For the material of implant which are used for the buttock implant procedure can be divided in round and oval shaped with 2 type of the surfaces (similar the implant for breasts surgery), smooth or a textured surface which will make a difference in the outcome of the surgery. And for the content inside the implant can be solid silicone or cohesive silicone gel either, But the most commonly used is solid silicone due to it cannot rupture, spill, or deflate while the cohesive gel is not available. In order to be sure that you will get the outcome of them surgery as what you expected for , you should take a time to have a face to face consultation with the surgeon to see what shape of the buttock implant do need for you , the surface of the implant, the size and etc. This you can make a decision after you touch the material with your hands before and also discuss with the surgeon for his recommendation.

The Method

How the procedure is performed ?

The surgery will start with applying the general Anastasia on the patients to make them sleeping during the surgery. And incision of buttock implant procedure can be placed in many locations such as at the top on both sides of the upper buttock, below the center of the sacrum and the last location, at the bottom in both of gluteal crease which is the most used technique. The surgeon will make an incision, 2-3 inches of the length between the buttocks in the midline to access the gluteus Maximus and lifted it up then, create the pockets in each side of the buttock in the big enough size to insert the implant inside. And the surgeon will carefully check again that the outcome between both side of buttock is symmetry or not before the incision will be closed with the suture and the small tubes are inserted into the buttock (each side) to drain out all the liquids and the bloods from inside and also wrapped with the elastic baggage to reduce the swelling after the surgery.

What type of Anastasia is necessary for the procedure ?

General Anastasia 

How will the incision look like ?

For the incision of buttock implant procedure has 3 features, depends on the location to insert the implant inside the buttock .

1. At bottom of the buttock between gluteal creases

The incision will be made the bottom of the buttock between gluteal creases, the incision can be hidden in the buttock natural fold and by bikini or underwear which is around 5-7 cm.

2. At the top of both sides of the upper buttock

The incision will be made 2 lines at the top of the upper side of the buttock, length is about 4-7 cm each. The incision will be hidden by the bikini or underwear either but can be visible when you take them out.

3. At the below the center of the sacrum

The incision will be made with 4-6 cm of the length below the buttock crease in each side. Some surgeon advice that this is the best place to make the incision, because it’s less visible compares the other. But it has high risk to get injection because there is very close to the anus.

Ideal Candidates

Is this procedure suitable for the candidate?

  • The candidate of buttock implant can be either female , male or transgender but must be in the good health , no serious medical problems which can’t have a minor surgery 
  • Must be over 18 years old , when the body is already stop developing 
  • The people who have very flat buttock or very small and want to increase self-esteem
  • The people who want to make the shape look curvier and look more natural attractive 
  • The transgender who want to make the body to become feminine appearance 
  • The man who want to improve the flat male buttock
  • The people who are disturbed with wearing some cloths or bikini , the body shape doesn’t look match with 
  • The people who have the flat or loosing skin on buttock because of the aging, loos and gain weight , pregnancy and want to have the firmer and youthful buttock appearance again 
  • The people who want to increase the self-confidence and be more happy in the body 
  • The people who understand about the procedure , complications or any potential side-effect and will accepting 
  • The people who have the stable mentality, and be able to be patient until the final outcome of the surgery which may take a several months after
  • The people who don’t plan to have child or no more plan to this , since pregnancy can be related to the sagging skin on the buttock again

What are the results the candidate can expect ?

  • The result of the surgery is immediately visible and permanent 
  • The body shape looks curvier , more attractive , especially in the front view 
  • And the waist look smaller when the buttock is enlarged 
  • The buttock looks more youthful and firmer 
  • Increasing self-esteem 
  • Able to wear any cloths with the sexier body 
  • More enjoy in the body in the public such as the beach or swimming pool
  • The transgender get the feminine female shape appearance 
  • The man can has the better buttock appearance after augment the size of buttock 
  • Feeling natural when touching , nobody can recognize after the scars disappear 


Length of stay at the hospital and in Thailand

3-4 days in the hospital , recommends 14 days in Thailand

Pre-operative care

  • Before the surgery can happen, you need to have a consultation with the surgeon consultation with the surgeon and inform them all information about your medical problem , your allergies , medical you are taking and including your expected result to see that it’s realistic to do or not. 
  • You need to open up your mind and tell the surgeon about the expected result of the surgery you are hoping for, the new size of buttock , the type of the silicone and etc to see it’s realistic to have it done or not 
  • The surgeon will clarify you all detail about the procedure, the complication and risks, and especially the feature of your incision after the surgery.
  • You will be asked to stop taking Aspirin, ibuprofen, and products containing aspirin and ibuprofen including anti-inflammatories medication, high dosing any multivitamins/herbal remedies/teas etc. before and surgery for 2 weeks , This may inhibit blood clotting and cause bleeding problems during and after surgery
  • Some surgeons will recommend you to take multivitamin supplements which are including Vitamin A and C, this can help relieve swelling after surgery. But however, this must be the approval of your surgeon only.
  • Garlic, ginseng, ginko-biloba, St. John’s worth and vitamin E can interfere with certain anesthetic medication, and should be avoided for at least a week prior to surgery
  • Stop drinking alcohol or smoking before and after the surgery 2 weeks, that’s effect to delay wound healing
  • You should try to stool by drinking the prune juice and take them away because after the surgery, you may be taking pain medications which can cause constipation.
  • Try to maintain the weight and diet plan before undergo the surgery
  • Try to drink water as much as you can, because hydration is very important both of before and after the surgery for safe recovery. 
  • Prepare the clothes to wear after the surgery should be comfortable 
  • Keep health , eat well ,regular exercise due to the good health can reduce the recovery time after the surgery

On the surgery date

  • And on the surgery date, you should stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the surgery 
  • Take a bath and wash your hair wash your hair (because after a surgery, you maybe not comfortable to do it for a few days) but without applying the lotion and cream on the body including no makeup
  • Take out all accessories, such as earring and also remove the nail polish before getting the operation room
  • Wear the loose cloths or comfortable, If possible take the shirt with the button in front
  • Sleep well before the surgery
  • Make a physical checking up to be sure that you have the normal level of your blood pressure or any disease come up which can’t undergo the surgery or not 

Post-operative care

  • When you wake up , you will see the small tube inserted from the each side of the buttock to drain fluids from inside to reduce the swelling and the blood clot after the surgery 
  • The buttock will looks very shiny because of the swelling, but it will go away over the time 
  • You can start walking again after the surgeon take out the tube from your body which is about 1-2 days , depend on each surgeon 
  • The surgeon will let you lay down on your abdomen for the first few days which is very important in the beginning of the recovery time to not disturb to the placed implant over the buttock and the level of the head must be higher than the cheat level, this will help to reduce the bringing and swelling 
  • Don’t sitting for the first 10 days after the surgery to avoid pressure on your buttocks except for toileting. After that, can continue sitting on the soft pillow
  • Change the position in every 30 minute to reduce the pressure in 1 area 
  • Wear the compression garments to keep your buttock area compressed especially in the first week after the surgery , keep wearing for 24 hours 
  • The painkiller pill and antibiotics medication is recommended if the pain is extremely and for preventing to get infection during the healing process and continue taking them until they are all gone. 
  • You can take Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that helps promote healing, for two weeks following surgery. 
  • Daily massage should be done three times a day for a period of six weeks.
  • Keep your incision clean and dry, clean your wound with hydrogen peroxide and then applying the antibiotic ointment (polysporin/bacitracin) twice a day is an essential part of the healing process and prevention infection. 
  • The cool pack is also recommended to reduce the swelling and bruising, apply on your surgery area (but not directly which your skin can be injured) especially in the week. 
  • It’s common if there are bleeding or oozing come out from the wound during this time which will go sway in a few days , just use the button to clean it 
  • Avoid taking a bath in the first week after the surgery. If possible, you should take a bath after the suture is removed. 
  • Wear the loosing underwear for 2 weeks to not injuring your wound
  • Do not lifting the heavy things for one week and sit down very strong 
  • 7 days after the surgery, you have to go back to see the surgeon again for post –operative checking up and remove the suture.
  • Do not swim in the pool for 4-6 weeks, it’s very risky to get injection from the public pool during the recovery time.
  • Avoid extreme activities or strenuous sport at least 3 weeks because of the rising high blood. This can cause of bleeding inside your cheek
  • Your incision maybe very dried. You can apply the moisturizer, oil cream or the vitamin E can help.
  • During the first 6 months , if you have wear the bikini or the suite which your incision can fade the sunshine, you must put the sunscreen with a skin- protection factor (SPF) all the time when you go out to prevent pigmentation of incision line.
  • If you want to buy the new size of the pants or any cloths , at least 3 months will be allowed until the new shape of buttock is settled

What are the possible risks and complications involved?

The common symptoms

After the surgery, you may feel swelling, bruising including discomfort and Tingling sensations in the buttock area, but it is the normal symptom after the surgery which will go away in 2 to 3 weeks.


Normally, the surgeon will let you take the oral biotic medicine both of before and after the surgery to prevent getting injection from the operation. But it’s still possibility occur if the bacteria are so strong and moreover, buttock is very near from anus , it has more risky to get infection which you can notices from such as you have very strong pain on the buttock and the redness surrounding, plenty of the bleeding and oozing from the incision. this you should go back to meet the surgeon again as soon as you can to see this is the normal injection which can be treated with only the oral antibiotic. Or it’s very resinous side-effect, the implant removal is required is necessary


The outcome of the surgery is different between the both sides of the buttock. This can cause of the buttock shape before the surgery is different. Then, when the implant are inserted under the muscle tone, this may make the consequence becomes more extremely different and well visible. This you have to go back to meet the surgeon again and the surgeon will advise you about the solving of this in case by case

Implant slippage

This problem can happens from the inserting the implant under the buttock between both side in asymmetry position or can probably cause of the body rejects the synthetic material or the buttock get too much pressure from sitting for long time without changing the position. These also can leads to implant slippage. Return back to see the surgeon again as soon as you can to follow the surgeon instruction, revision the surgery is required if necessary

Capsular contracture

This is the symptoms of changing the shape of implant after they are inserted under the buttock due to when the fibrosis of connective tissue forms around the capsule (the implant body), causing hardness, definitive implant edges that can be seen or restrict movement. Massaging the buttock area can help to reduce the risks. The removal or replacing the implant is required if necessary

Blood clots

The blood clots is the complication mostly happen with the major surgery operated under general anesthesia because the duration of the operation is more than 30 minutes and it’s higher risk to have the internal blood clots. This is the serious side-effect, this causing a heart attack and can travel to the brain and can become the cause of having a stroke, as well as the lung in which it would end up being a pulmonary embolism. The surgeon will recommend the patient to stop taking the aspirin or any medical which can thin your blood before and after the surgery or walking

The wound is separated

This happened because the skin tissue is pulled too much to make them look firmer after the implant is inserted. And if this thing occurs, the revision surgery is not necessary. Just need to suture the incision again and you also need to extremely be careful with your behavior after the surgery


The scarring after the surgery can fade away if your wound healing process is normal. But if you have the prolonged wound healing which depending on the type skin of each person, you will have the higher risk that the scarring can become the keloid. The scarring can also tend to be more pronounced on patients who were slow healing, developing into hypertrophic scars or keloids