1. Inquiry  

 When you visited our website and interested to inquiry initial information about the cosmetic procedure, you can leave your initial information and the procedure you are seeking for on the small box and we will get back to you within 24 hours. The first email you will receive from our staff will be the initial information about the procedure you asked for, the recommended hospital for the procedure(s), the length of staying in the hospital and in Thailand and etc. 

2. Medical questionnaire form

When you have submitted your information, the site page will be automatically changed to be the Medical questionnaire form to let you fill out and attach the picture of concern area to process the online consultation with our surgeon team (this step you can skip to have only initial information from our staff at that time). And for the patient who followed the step, your medical information and pictures will be sent to us. Then, we will send your information to be evaluated by our surgeon team in Thailand (depends on the hospital and the surgeon you requested for, or we recommends to) for getting back to you the different surgical recommendation from each hospital to be the various options before making an decision to have a surgery with the surgeon and hospital you satisfy the most.

3. Request for the appointment date

When you can select the best hospital for your surgery from all the options you received from, you can inform us the exact date for your official appointment with the surgeon or the available date you can go to the hospital for having a surgery done.  Then, we will get back to you the appointment confirmation from the hospital you arranged an appointment with (only if the surgeon is available on that day. If not, the hospital will try to find the nearest appointment from the original date for you).

4. Travel arrangement to Thailand.

After you have received the appointment confirmation from the hospital, you should start arranging your time because in each procedure require the different recovery time in Thailand. And this is very important to arrange the enough recovery time in Thailand after the surgery as the surgeon recommended to be sure you have no more side-effect before flying back to your country.  And then, start looking for the flight ticket which related to the surgery date. For the peoples who use our accommodation service, we will have the accommodation list you just select the preferred hotel from all. And then, we will make a reservation for you  (the amount of staying night will depend the procedure you requested for.

5. Upon arrival  , we will have 2 types of the clients

The clients who use our transportation service or the client who get the complimentary free transportation service from the hospital. For these clients, we will send the driver to standby at the airport before the arrival time. And when you landed, please walk to the “Meeting Area” at Gate no.3 to meet our driver.  And the driver will bring you to the selected hotel.
The client who prefer not to use our transportation service. For these clients, when you arrive, please take a taxi or contact friends or relative and make sure about the place where you can meet them

6. The appointment date

On the appointment date, our driver will be at your hotel lobby 1 hour before the appointment time, please be in time at the meeting place. Unless for the clients who has no transportation arrangement with us.  Please take a look to the surgeon’s recommendation that they request you to stop drinking or eating before the surgery or not. If yes, you really need to follow this.  And please bring the appointment confirmation what you have from the hospital via our agency to guarantee your status. And when you arrives the hospital, firstly the medical team will register your case in the hospital record and you have to have a face to face consultation with the surgeon again for the final consultation and the expectation of the surgery (even you have done online consultation with them before). This time, you have fully right to asks the surgeon all the questions what you wonder about.  For the patients who book the appointment for both of consultation and surgery in the same day, after finished having consultation with the surgeon, you will go out to make a surgery payment before coming back to have a surgery. This will be convenient for the peoples who transfer the money to the hospital by bank transfer in advance but it you prefer to pay by cash or credit card, you have to make it before the surgery happened and then prefer yourself for the surgery.

7. After the surgery

For the minor procedure, after the operation you can go back home immediately or can spend the short time in the temporary recovery room until you feel completely fine before going back to the hotel.  But for the major surgery, you have to spend overnight in the hospital as the surgeon mentioned in the surgeon’s recommendation.  And when you discharge from the hospital , our driver will be there to bring you back to the hotel , unless you prefer to go home by yourself or your friend or your family’s supporting. But before you leave the hospital (both for minor and major surgery), the surgeon will make an appointment with you for the post-operative checking up that you really have to return back to meet the surgeon as the surgeon’s recommendation. And with this appointment, our driver will pick up from the hotel to send you to the hospital and wait until the process done in order to bring you back to the hotel.

8. Recover time

During this time, it’s very important to follow the surgeon’s recommendation in order avoiding bad side-effects occur after the surgery. But it’s also the best time to impress your surgery trip in Thailand with the small tour, dinner on cruise or visit the popular place in the city or even golf course experience for your partner. TBC offer all activities to you to full fill your surgery trip in Thailand under the surgical recommendation for the patients after the surgery. But for the patients who prefer to concentrate taking a rest at the hotel without going out to visit any places in Thailand, we also have the Nanny or babysitter to look after your children instead of you.

9. Upon departure

On your departure date, our driver will bring you to the airport 3 hours before departure time 3 as the final process of your surgery trip in Thailand. From this, you will get the good experience in the premium hospital in Thailand, premium service from us.  After you leave Thailand, we still take care and take responsibility of your case in case you have something happened with your surgery.