What’s free consultation?

Free consultation is the process of online evaluation from the pictures and medical information (MQ form) to see that you are a good candidate for the procedure you requested for or not.  

How can I have free consultation?

Send the picture of your concern areas and fill out the medical questionnaire form on our website, and all information to be forwarded to be evaluated by our surgeon teams at your preferred hospital for getting back the surgeon’s recommendation and the cost of the surgery.

How long the process of online consultation until I get back the surgeon’s recommendation from them?

About 3-5 days (after we received the completed information from you)

Can I have the surgeon’s recommendation from more than 1 hospital?

Yes, you can.  Evermore, you can select the preferred surgeon by yourself

If I prefer to have a consultation with the surgeon by face to face, is this free or not?

It is free in some hospitals, but some will charge you for this 500-1,000 THB for consultation fee.

If I don’t want to send my pictures picture to be evaluated by the surgeon via email, Can I skip this stage and arrange an appointment with the surgeon directly?

Yes, you can do that. But the appointment is for the consultation only, no surgery guarantee.  You may wastes the time and money to go the hospital and the surgeon refuses your case because you are a not a candidate for the procedure you requested for.

How do I book the appointment with the hospital?

You can book the appointment with the preferred hospital via Top Beauty Clinics in both of the patients, who have passed an online consultation and never passed it. And you will get the booking confirmation from us to bring to the hospital.

How many day I have to stay in Thailand?

It’s depending on the procedure you do, but the minimum should be 7 days after the surgery.  Because for all kinds of the surgery, you need to go back to see the surgeon again for the post-operative checkup 7 days after the surgery

All the patients need to stay in the hospital after the surgery?

No, just only the major surgery (basically under General Anastasia) which the surgeon requests to stay overnight in the hospital.

Can my friends of my family stay with me at the hospital?

Normally, all hospital will allow 1 peoples stay in the same hospital room without any extra charge.

Can I undergo the surgery if I’m having a period?

Most of the surgeons will deny performing the surgery in the patients with the period bloods, but however, it’s depending on the surgeon’s recommendation case by case.

If I don’t need the recovery time after the surgery in Thailand enough, can I undergo the surgery or not?

You can ( and only in some hospitals), but we don’t recommend you because  you should be in Thailand as the surgeon recommends and go back to make a post-operative check up with them to be sure that you are fine before going back to the country

During the recovery time (after the surgery), is it safe to take a tour and go around?

It’s safe but need to be under our recommendation such as, should not go to the very hot places because this can make your incision get the infection or

Is it safe to travel alone for plastic surgery?

Yes, you can travel alone because after the surgery, our medical team and nurse will take care of you very well.  But for the major surgery such as Breast Augmentation procedure, after the surgery, you shouldn’t carry or lifted up the heavy things.  But if you come alone, no assistant to help you about this, you must be very careful, or if you can have someone come with you, that would be much better and safer

How much is the cost for Top beauty Clinics service?

Our service is free of charge

How different between the standard package and premium package?

1.The standard package :

Only the surgery which is good for the patients who know the region or the direction very well or have come friends, relative who can take care of you and bring you to the hospital and bring back home

2.The premium package: 

We will include the transportation in the package in every single travel the patients need (from the airport-hotel-hospital). This will be very comfortable for the patients who don’t have the assistant to take care and don’t know the direction in the region well.
About the payment

How can I make a payment?

The payment has to be done by bank transfer in advance

What currency do you company accept?

Thai baht and US Dollar (bases on the currency rate’s today)

If I made payment and I can’t go ahead to have a surgery, can I refund?

Of course, yes.  But just in case the surgeon considers that you can’t go ahead to have a surgery because of the medical reason only.  You will get back 100 % refund for the surgery, but except hospital and transportation fee (if any).

What about the cancellation fee?

For the cancellation of the appointment with the hospital, whenever you cancel the surgery trip, both of before or after having a consultation with the surgeon by face to face, we will charge you 10 % of the total amount. But for the cancellation of the hotel reservation, it’s depending on the hotel and case by case.

If I would like to stay in the hospital more than it should be in the package, is it possible?

It’s possible, but you need to pay extra charge to stay more in the hospital by yourself because it’s excluded in the surgery package.

If I have more than 1 procedure done, can I have discount or not?

Since the surgery costs in our website are from the hospitals directly, we don’t add any extra costs for this. But for the discount for any procedure, you will have a change to discuss with the hospital directly on the consultation date before the surgery happen.